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Tempered Glass Lids

Our high quality tempered glass lids have excellent transparency with superior heat and shock resistant are suitable for all kinds of cookware.

The lids are divided into C type, G type and other special rim types. The standard size is from diameter 140 to 400 mm, including round, ellipse, square and rectangle shapes with available height: normal dome, flat dome, high dome and super high dome. Besides, we can also make smaller or bigger sizes than above. Colors available in clear, blue, green, and brown.

To fulfill variety of demands, we can add stainless steel steam vent, silicon steam vent, or whistling vent on the glass lids if it is required. Aside from decorations, we can also print customer's logo or brand on the lids directly.

Any particular size or specification you are welcome to contact us for details.

  Features of Meanco’s tempered glass lids:

 Manufactured with high quality control.
 Excellent heat and shock resistance.
 Strong abilities in R&D.
 Full coverage glass lids fit all kinds of cookware designs.
 Safety of tempered glass and best cooking effect.
 Durability of superior solution to consumer’s demand.
 Large production capacity.
 Punctual and prompt delivery.
 Expert sales team offers you excellent services.